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The Prince Edward Island Institute of Agrologists is the organization of professional agriculturists in Prince Edward Island.

Latest News: 2014 Atlantic Agrology Workshop - Sustainable Water Footprint

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What is an “Agrologist”?

The term “Agrologist” or the designation “P.Ag.” after a person’s name indicates that this person is a professional, legally qualified as an agrologist. 

As varied as their careers may be, Professional Agrologists on PEI have one common element: they are members of the PEIIA with a strong commitment to work within their area of expertise and collectively throughout every sector of the agriculture and food industry.

How do I become an Agrologist?

You can become a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) by joining the Prince Edward Island Institute of Agrologists if you are a person of good character with a university degree in agriculture, or an equivalent in a field of study related to agriculture.  Persons without the required educational background, but having applicable experience may be granted a Permit to Practice by the Institute.

Members participate in an Agrologist-In-Training (A.I.T.) program prior to granting of Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) status.  Educational and professional experience is appl
ied towards the requirements of the AIT program.  This program provides a period of introduction to the PEIIA, participation in Institute activities, and an appreciation for the responsibilities of a Professional Agrologist.

What are the advantages of being an Agrologist? 

Legal Status as a Professional – Members with professional status are entitled to use the designation P.Ag. (Professional Agrologist).  Agrologists in Training are entitled to use the designation AIT, and those holding Permits to Practice use the designation PPA.

Career Development – Professional status assists in obtaining employment and in business activities

Improving the Industry – Contribute to decision making and policy formulation through discussion with key people in the industry.  Opportunities to raise the profile of the role of agriculture with the public.

Professional Development – Increase knowledge and proficiency in the agricultural profession by participation in Institute sponsored technical sessions, and workshops to improve interpersonal and professional skills.  Exposure to a wide range of industry related issues.

Communications Links and Professional Interaction – Opportunities to network with other professionals and disciplines.  Regular communications among agrologists through personal and business contacts, meetings, tours, conferences, scientific publications and newsletters.

Membership Fees – All membership fees are tax deductible.   
Group Life and Disability Insurance

Why should I hire an Agrologist?

The mandate of the PEIIA is to safeguard the public by ensuring its members are qualified and competent to provide knowledge and advice on agriculture and related areas.  

By hiring an Agrologist you can be confident that you are employing a professional who will provide you with knowledge and experience in agriculture and who is required to adhere to conform to the Code of Ethics, striving:

To carry on their professional work in a spirit of fairness and fidelity and with courtesy to employers and clientele.

To refrain from allowing themselves or their names to be associated with enterprises of questionable character.

To avoid making misleading statements in the practice of their profession.

To practice only in those fields of Professional Agriculture in which they are qualified.

To refrain form using unfair means to win professional advancement for themselves or to injure the prospects of another member to secure or to hold employment. 

To avail themselves of the means for keeping themselves thoroughly up-to-date on the advances in scientific agriculture such as attending refresher courses and reading pertinent literature

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