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The PEI Institute of Agrologists held their Semi-Annual Meeting on December 11th, 2018 in Kensington, PEI.

Before the meeting, members went on a tour of the Schurman Family Farm in nearby Spring Valley.  Marc and Krista Schurman and family run a greenhouse vegetable farm, specializing in organic tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as some other greens and vegetables.  The majority of their produce is sold in Maritime supermarkets, but they also do a direct CSA box business as well as selling at the Charlottetown and Summerside farmers markets.  Thanks to the Schurmans for hosting our tour!

Schurman2 Schurman1

Following lunch, we had three speakers:

  • Chris Chivilo of W.A. Grains, speaking about the growing pulse crop industry in Prince Edward Island
  • Bloyce Thompson of Eastside Holsteins, speaking about his experience in breeding Holstein cattle and marketing genetics around the world
  • Brian Beaton, P.Ag. of the Little Potato Company, speaking about his company's products and agronomy practices in PEI and across North America.

Chris and Tracy Chivilo Dec 2018 Bloyce Thompson Dec 2018 Brian Beaton Dec 2018
PEIIA President Dan MacEachern (right) thanks Chris and Tracey Chivilo for their presentation.  PEIIA President Dan MacEachern (right) thanks Bloyce Thompson for his presentation. PEIIA President Dan MacEachern (right) thanks Brian Beaton for his presentation.

New Members:

Cameron Menzies AIT Rebecca MacSwain AIT Dec 2018
Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. welcomes Cameron Menzies, AIT.

Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. welcomes Rebecca MacSwain, AIT.

Tara Wallace AIT Dec 2018 John Delodder PPA Dec 2018
Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. welcomes Tara Wallace, AIT.

Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. welcomes John Delodder, PPA.

Kyra Stiles PAg Dec 2018 Doug MacDonald PAg Dec 2018
Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. congratulates Kyra Stiles on becoming a P.Ag. Registrar Mette Ching, P.Ag. welcomes Doug MacDonald, P.Ag. back to PEI.

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